Sunday, September 18, 2011

Risk IT: Intimacy in a Facebook world

We survived another week! Barely.

Risk IT: Intimacy in a Facebook world
Pastor Dave Ens Acts 2:1-12

Songs: What's not to love about you? You are the light that frees us. We will sing and make music with the heavens. Grateful that you hear us. Lift high the name of Jesus.

I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene. My song shall ever be: How marvelous how wonderful is my Saviour's love for me.

Revelation Song the vision of the last surviving witness of Jesus life. Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power. I will adore him.

Jesus Messiah name above all names. All our hope is in you.

Within one minute of the earthquake on Vancouver Island there were 40,000 messages about it. What good is that?

Real friends add social capital to our lives.

On the Save Darfur Fasebook page the average member donated $0.09. Were those people committed?

Encourage involvement without really doing anything.

The church provides high social capital. They made a difference on that 1st day of Pentecost.

Risk- Jesus is asking us to make a difference. The church spread rapidly. Persecution triggered growth

We want to be part of something. I remembered the day I asked Nicole's parents for permission to marry her. 1 still sweat about that time. I was so tongue tied.

Are we going to - be witnesses of Jesus or not? Will we make real sacrifices? This is a social place and sometimes we rub each other the wrong way. God's plan for you is bigger than what you can do on your own. We need a sense of humility. Be authentic. Be true to the message. Inauthenticity demotivates.
Authentic is to be known and to know.
Risk is not natural. ? We can't love others if we exist for ourselves.

Sacrifice. Risk. Big words. We need to live that together.

Oct 2 is our fall start up event. Make mac & cheese and bring your neighbours. Donate to MCC for east Africa.

We live in a world where easy participation means decreased commitment.

We ask for a power full movement of your spirit.

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