Sunday, May 22, 2011

Put Down the Kool-Aid: Love is All You Need

Operation Christmas Child Ryan will do a presentation on Tuesday evening showing the distribution he was involved in in Haiti.
Volunteers Celebration Monday May 30 with comedian entertainment

Dave Ens:
Love gives us a good feeling. The world tells us to get rid of everything that does not give us a good feeling.
Our Sunday School teacher told us to love the bully.
How do we define love? Physical love, emotion, feeling. Eros is very self centered. Easily distracted. Lusting after a feeling. Neighbour's grass is greener? Love becomes God? Advertizers are asking as to need things to satisfy ourselves.

Steadfast love in the Bible. Hessad- a Hebrew word that means loyalty, faithful, promise, covenant, till death us part. Agape is the Greek action word for the Hebrew word.

Jonah 4 - Nineveh repents. You are a gracious God abounding in Hessad love - to help others thrive. Irrational commitment. Unselfish

Eros is selfish - what can you do to make me happy? It becomes an idol.

Hessad love - how can I help you thrive? Love everyone. Reflect the character of God.
What does God ask of us? Love the world the way He loves the world. Live life with wide open eyes.

How would hessad love change what you do with your money?

New playmobile boys have a nicer haircut so kids need these now. We now need new high defination video phones. Selfish.

Michael Porter speaker -how do we respond to the needs of our society? The church has the greatest potential to do good and a great potential to destroy when they leave a project in the winds of change.

What would it look like if you lived your life with eyes wide open?

Communion. God's beautiful example of hessad love. For 2ooo years the church has done this in remembrance.

Amazed and overwhelmed
Wonderful God Savior wonderful Love None could compare

The broken bread, a symbol of Christ's body broken for us.

Behold what you are become what you receive (what dos this mean?)Take up this bread and wine embrace the Mystery.

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