Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week 4 Update

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Renee is still stuck in Hospital. Nothing to do. Not feeling good.

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day here and Renee's childhood friend, Rebekah, came from Maine for a very welcome visit for a few days.

Martha and I went to church this morning. Renee had a good breakfast, but then started to feel not so good. She has some fever, tummy pains and generally has been sleeping most of the day. Anytime Renee has ANY fever, we go into hyperconcern! Hopefully her tummy pains are normal, but when there is NO immunity, everything has potential to be SERIOUS!

Renee did watch a bit of Gilmore Girls and before that the church service from our church, Eastview Community Church.

I am listening to the Grey Cup Game on CJOB on the net. Can't find any place to watch it here. CBC on line video says we are in the wrong part of the world to watch the game from here!

Martha is reading "Oceans Apart" by Karen Kingsbury, and I'm reading "Love & Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Wow! What a book! It should be the first book every couple reads! Too bad it wasn't in print in 1971.

Friday I had some business meetings in Toronto.

Tomorrow it's back to Winnipeg till next Sunday.

Renee, of course, is still hoping her white cell counts will come back before Dec 14, when she is scheduled to travel to DR for a friend's wedding. Thanks for standing with her in prayer!

If you managed to read through all these ramblings, you are indeed a friend. Thanks for your friendship!

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