Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ronald McDonald House (RMH) is spending a fortune getting ready for the annual fund raising thing. All the living room furniture has to go into storage and replaced by some fancy rental stuff. The kitchens are still a mess.

Still looking for an apartment. Saw a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit on 75 with a cranky doorman. Not worth $2600

Meeting w Ira at the Sommerset. He has a 10th floor unit for $3995/mo. Not so good - No view.

My computer quit doing the wireless thing. I guess I should buy a new one. Best Buy has a lot of variety. Verizon has a high speed internet package for a decent price.

I'm booked to fly to Atlanta tomorrow. Come back Friday.

Renee is starting her next round of chemo tomorrow. She is not feeling good today. She will feel worse in a few days. Now would be a good time to call her (917) 750-4128 or email reneedueck@gmail.com

We are traveling to Brooklyn to shop at Target. At 7pm we will meet w Genevieve to sign for the apartment.

Raymond Dueck-

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