Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday Tuesday

Justin; Day off from friends and work. Kind of an ugly day outside - stayed in bed. Everytime I got out of my room I asked myself why? Start work at 12 tomorrow. Spent time with Adam yesterday. Both just working like a troll. Hiding under a rock of work.

Kara; did nothing. Don't want personal info on internet. Class starts at 10:30 tomorrow.

Renee; Excited! got my wig today. It matches my real hair. They made it from the picture I emailed to them.

Martha made supper and brought it to Renee. They had watched Martha Stewart show featuring a pineapple seafood dish. They got the recipe off the website.

Alayna; too busy to join us for supper. Studying. Kara was dissappointed not to be
able to join the party last Friday. They will go out tomorrow.

I'm flying again in the morning- Oh that's boring!

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