Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday in the dark

When I got to the hospital yesterday Renee was groggy and had some rash. Her chemo is finished but she has to stay in the hospital till her counts come up.

By suppertime Renee was feeling well and anxious to start eating. When she tried to order a meal they told her she was under orders not to get anything by mouth. She rang her nurse, who checked with her doctor and in no time she was allowed to order her food. She was given a neutropenic menu, she phoned the kitchen and a few minutes later, she was enjoying dinner.

This morning her eyes hurt and so all the curtains are are closed and she wears sun glasses in the darkened room. They are trying different eye drops now. Hopefully that will help.

We were in church this morning

Renee wants us to go out and buy her some lunch and plain eye drops.

So we did and Martha made a salad and we shared a meal in Renee's room.

We will be meeting Gen tomorrow to firm up the apartment rental.

Now we are in waiting mode. Praying that her counts will come up soon, and she'll be in full remission.

She's in Room 936 (isn't that a good number?)
Her phone # (917) 750-4128

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