Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trinity Baptist Church

11-11-07 Revelation 4 the Prayer of Eternity
There is someone on the throne
After the church age ch4-ff
24 elders- 3:41 the overcomers - us - the 24 orders of the priesthood. We are the Kings and Priests to serve our God. v2 someone is sitting on the throne. Someday it will all make sense.
Ruben (ruby) means Behold the Son- crystal- (clear) the promised one
Rainbow- promise- patience of God
Thunder- justice and wrath of God
God dealt with sin on the cross. At some point judgement will come.
4 living creatures are mentioned 3X. Their job is to adore God. God sees everything. He'll do something about the evil He sees. God is a Lion King- Ox - Strength, Sacrifice- he is also a man- Eagle- high and lifted up. Matthew - Man. Mark-Lion. Luke-Ox. John-King the 4 faces of God.
God is perfect holy holy holy day and night. Jesus is the Righteous one who stands in my place.
He is in control who we pray to.
Through the Cross God established Jesus as King and some day every knee WILL bow in worship to Him. The prayer of Rev4 should be our prayer today.

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