Sunday, November 11, 2007

2nd Week Review

Here is this week's update from Renee:
Well, I'm in the hospital again. I got admitted on Friday because I'd been having fevers and shaking chills. Then they decided to take out my central line (which was put in barely a week ago because it might be the source of infection causing the fevors. Needless to
say I am a little annoyed by this, because it means putting IVs into my arms, which my already finicky veins do not take a liking to.

Thank goodness this round of chemo was finished already because chemo through a peripheral IV is hell. Anyway, the cultures from my central line grew back gram negative rods (no clue what that is) and the fevers have stopped so I suppose they did the right thing. They'll probably try to put in another central line soon, but they won't do it until my white cell counts come up and bit and I am completely clear of infection.

Other than that...I've been using eye drops to protect my eyes during chemo, however the eye drops really hurt my eyes and made them supersenstive to light, but they gave me different eye drops and it's okay now. I also have figured out the correct anti-nausea meds and I can eat and not throw up now, so I have more energy, which is nice I

Another good thing is that they've changed the rules to the neutropenic diet I have to be on while my counts are low. I am allowed to eat lettuce now so I can have salads!! yes, I am a nerd. I love salad.

So even thought it all sounds nice and I'm feeling better, I'll still be here in the hospital for awhile, because once they get you in they don't let you out until your counts come back up high enough. So that's the part that sucks because there isn't too much to do here and
you can't go anywhere and it's boring and lonely. I mostly watch a lot of TV and movies and listen to music on my ipod and now that my eyes are better I can get on the computer and email and stuff again.

I'm going to be giving this update to my dad to send out on his list as well as sending it out myself, so some of you might get this twice, but whatever.

Something you can pray for is that I get my old cell phone back. I am going to be disconnecting it but I still want it because it has everyone's phone numbers. I had left it in Winnipeg and my sister express posted it last week and it still hasn't arrived. If it gets lost that would suck.


Renee is feeling much better today and for that we are thankful.

I plan to be flying home this week. Kara is coming out next weekend. Our New York Address as of tomorrow will be:

The Duecks (or Renee etc)

359 e 68th Street Apt 2A, New York, NY 10065

If some of our Winnipeg friends would like to provide homemade soup or casseroles to the ones at home, please indicate by email. Thanks.

Raymond and Martha Dueck
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