Sunday, December 05, 2010

Morweena EMC, NW of Arborg

Announcements: Youth pastor Donavan would like to be full time.
They have lots of activities going on. They need a chocolate stop for the carolers Christmas Eve.
Barry is recuperating but keep praying for him.
Looking for a senior pastor starting January '11
Stan Loewen, Song Leader:
Hosanna in the Highest - I see a near revival
The Love of God #86

Tim Reimer Preacher /Teacher:
Elijah and Elijah
Mal 4 Luke 1 John 1
Mom's 80th birthday

What Leads to the Christmas story?
Luke 1 Elijah is someone else than Elijah of OT
He will be a joy, great, filled with HS, bring revival, go before the Lord, restore relationships,

Jesus has made God known. Full of Grace and Truth. The law did not bring grace. Not grace OR truth. Why not?
Books: Doctrines, Hard Questions are Bible School things.
AND truth
Truth applied
Age 12 with teachers. Fasted 40 days, spent nights in prayer,
Grace- Jesus was gracious in relationships.
John 8 woman- Jesus does not condemn her.
Math 28 v17 has a D word some doubted. Great Commission was given to unreliable and ungracious people.
Lots of things are referred to as ''Christian". Do Christian homes reflect grace and truth? Christian schools, businesses?

Do our politicians sense truth and grace from us?

Grace and Truth came from Jesus Christ.

Song: Everyday I can be your light to the world Everyday I'll follow after you. It's you I live for every day.

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