Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is a Highway - A Reliable GPS

Pastor Del -

Using the internet, FLN broadcasts around the world live from the Winnipeg studios.
We live in a global Village where we connect electronically not face to face.

How do we build Community?
We need to learn to use God's Positioning System (GPS) - the Bible
Psalm 1 helps us make the right choices. It is The Beginning of the highway of life. Home base.
GPS set-up.
A. Informing - Blessed is the one who does not walk /stand /sit in the council of the wicked.
B. Uploading - day and night. Homebase uploading is to read the Psalms daily for the next 30 days
C. Destination to be less critical more loving, kind, considerate, unselfish, etc
D. Recalculating - the Lord watches over those who are perishing. To Un-slump yourself is not easily done. Dr Seus

Today I choose to follow you
Ps 139:1-6 Oh Lord you have searched me....

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