Saturday, July 04, 2009

Flowers on the Grave

We went to Riverton today to plant flowers on Renee's grave. One of them is "Endless Summer". The rest of them are annuals. I shed tears. No parent should EVER have to plant flowers on a child's grave. Now for enough rain to cause the flowers to grow in that hard soil.

In the evening we went to the EMC Conference for a delicious supper and to hear Dr Pierre Gilbert aka Peter Giesbrecht speak:

Man has a natural bent to pantheism and child sacrifices. Genesis tells us there is one God.
We either worship nature or we investigate nature. The Christian scientist finds ways of dealing with nature more efficiently.

What is the higher calling? Finding chemicals to fix illness or taking care of the sick? They are equal. The endless technological advances are improving our lives every day.

There is a sphere of action unique to the Christian to deal with sin. The evanglistic exercise belongs to the Christian. We must do this whether the state approves or not. Doing good is necessary but not a substitute for missionary activity.
YP- pay close attention to the skills God has given you. We need men and women in all spheres of society.
You are God's ambassadors wherever you are. Create ripples for eternity

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