Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Book of Daniel

Dr Pierre Gilbert - EMC Convention - Riverton
No one has problems with cultural Christians.
Christians say Jesus is the only way. That's as annoying to some as a cloud of mosquitos on a quiet evening.
If a group of scientists discovered a cure for disease, would they be criminal if they did not share the discovery or would they be arrogant if they did?
We have the solution to the world's ill. We must share it. But not make ourselves a nuisance.
We sin by having too much wealth while we look for the simple life. Radical simplicity and radical Christianity are not the same thing.
Daniel got a full scholarship to SBC Samarian Babylonion College all expenses paid. He was a bit prima donna by refusing to eat the good food. He was catapulted to the top. Is this a simplistic approach? Be faithful and God will elevate you?
God could have done anything for the Jews. God never does on his own what he can do in partnership with us. God needed an administrator at the top to preserve the Jews to ensure that they survived as a nation.
They needed a corporate climber. The Purpose Driven Crisis created opportunity for advancement
God nudged his agenda forward by creating crisis opportunity to allow Daniel to climb the ladder of success. Daniel had to be prepared to embrace the complex life.
Lifestyle and elements of it are secondary in the discipliship equation. Mission needs to be the focus.
The Kruses were called to a simple lifestyle. Not to glorify it. But to glorify Christ.
We need bankers and businesses and farmers to glorify Christ. Look at the living God.
If Daniel had not heeded the call to the Complex life none of us would be here today. The difficult call.

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