Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carrot River Church of God in Christ Mennonite (Holdeman)

Carrot River is 10 hrs north of Winnipeg. We went there for the wedding reception for Clark and Grace (Isaac) Penner. We got to know Clark and his parents in New York City in 1984 when Clark and Renee got their bone marrow transplants from their mothers. We met James and Roxanne at the Ronald McDonald house and we found apartments in the same building in Upper East Side. We formed a very deep and lasting friendship over the 4 months we lived in New York. It is very emotional to hug and bless Clark and Grace wishing them God's blessing in their lives together.

Message: Pastor John Boise
Jn 10:10 We Love to talk about the abundant life. We don't like to talk about what the thief wants to come and destroy.
Don't just exist - LIVE! Be attached to the vine- receive nourishment from the root.
6 questions:
1. Do you want to go to heaven?
2. Do you Value salvation by Jesus Christ?
3. Do you feel the need of and appreciate the sheepfold, the church?

4. Do you fear or abhor the thought of being lost?
5. Do you realize Satan wants to take you to hell?
6. Do you fear the world and its ensnaring pleasures?

God talks of eternal bliss and eternal punishment.
There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Is that real to us?

When we stand before judgement we will not be asked what we believe about heaven and hell. But did you repent? Do you fear the thought of being lost?
If our sins are not covered by the blood of Jesus we are accountable for them.
Eve was deceived by Satan the evil one. If we could see the end result of our sins, it would shock us.

Sometimes we ask why all the rules? They are given for our protection. Do we fear the evils that technology has brought to many people? Do we fear the temptations Satan sends our way?

Do you want to go to heaven?
People usually can tell you their goals in life. But they are sidetracked. If you miss heaven you missed it all. It's a no risk, safe at home place.

A young man struggled with salvation and when he realized that Jesus died so that you could be saved he started crying and accepted the Lord.

Is salvation precious to you? Are you acting like it?
Are you sharing the good news with your friends and neighbors?

Do you appreciate the sheepfold? The church? When the leaders go to international conferences are we glad to listen to them?
What does the church mean to you? Home! Where my soul rests.
God made it that way: To nurture the souls here on earth.

Am I going to wait for God to put pressure our hearts?

The thief comes to destroy. That's the truth spoken for our sake
May we look to the gospel for our daily needs.

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