Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worship at Star Wars

James Arnold Taylor, voice actor:

Prayed before the show yesterday. Got DNA test on daughter's birthday. It did not match his  mother's husband's DNA. How devastating was that? After being a Christian for a number of years he lost his identity.

I prayed and asked God to complete me. I make too much money doing funny voices. I can only do this because God is allowing it. God is there guiding us.

He found out that his biological father was dj and a voice actor.

Moved 41 times in his life. Now lives in a perfect house with a loving wife.

Trust God. He is real. Every prayer has been answered. Every day I trust him to take care of me.

I'm a mess.  Grab what you have. I'm here because of God.

I was literally born in sin. But God will take and make something beautiful out of you

O how he loves us!

4th day buttons are available.

Pastor Steve:
Greg organized this event. James connected us to a youth pastor. Worship leader volunteered. God has brought this all together.

Not an expert at anything. I'm an idiot. Dropped out of college to work at Dairy Queen. Fat guys do funny falls. They make good comedians. He used to go inhale helium so he could talk funny.

Anikan was a mess. In the end he throws the emperor down the shaft. Luke wants to save him but he says you already have. Darth Vadar shows up later. When Anikan became Darth Vadar it did not change hIs ultimate destiny. We are not bound to our past. To our inability to connect to God perfectly. God causes things to work together for our good.

V37 neither death or anything else can separate us from the love of God. Failures are painful. They hurt. God loves you. He has the answer.

Two years ago my life fell apart. But no mattter what you've done God loves you and is there for you. Christ came to take your punishment. You just give yourself to God and he will help you. Jesus take my life and make me whole.

Thank you Jesus for what you've done.

Please sign the storm trooper helmet to let us know you were here.

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