Sunday, August 05, 2012

Living up front
My God is good
His wounds have paid my ransom
Hosanna Hosanna in the highest
I see the king of glory the whole earth shakes
God is the defender of the weak- we need to point the finger at ourselves
we need to internalize that
Tim, children's story:
What is faith? What are you going to do with that?
Take a jump? We all want others to like us. Having faith in a God you can't see can be hard to explain.
People tend to ignore crazy people. How many chapters are in the Bible? 1188 chapters. Do you have to know everything? No. Paul went all over the place telling others about Jesus. He ended up in jail for 2 years before he went to trial. When he finally had a chance to explain it all he told the king the story of his salvation. He stuck to his story. You can be a regular guy and tell your story the way it is. It can be tough when people call you names. Be honest about who you are.

You are good. When there's nothing good in me. You are peace you are the reason that I sing. Nothing compares to your embrace. You are Lord, you are God.
I'm running to your arms. Jesus my heart will sing no other name Jesus.
My heart will sing no other name. Jesus, Jesus.

Message by Delbert Enns:
200 million stars in our galaxy. 
More stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth. And God calls them all by name.
how long? How wide?
A question someone brought up least Sunday was, why doesn't God have a name?
The spirit of God resides in us to help us understand God.
Jesus #1
Everything else follows that:
Work family etc
God can't really be understood. We can only grasp a glimpse.
Rejoice in the Lord, worship the Lord. Everything is garbage compared to knowing Christ. But he needed an encounter with Him before it changed him. Do you know what it's like to be forgiven? Has he changed you? Are you crazy for Jesus? Are you crazy about reality TV? Watching every episode? Wanting to become a celebrity? Do you wake up at 3 am to say I want to know Christ more?
Saul's religion was his number one value until he met Christ and then his old values became garbage to him. What do you value?
Exercise faith- get to know Christ better. Learn to listen and not shut down when you don't understand.
Do you look forward to meet Christ every morning? Do you live for that? Do you have garbage you need to let go of?

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