Sunday, December 27, 2009

The War of the Worlds

We are back home at Eastview - just a bit late for the service.

Dave Ens:
Grover's Mill New Jersey was the town where the Martians landed in the War of The Worlds
The people of the town shot at the water tower thinking that it was the invader during the performance of the War of The Worlds.
When we expect to encounter something, we often WILL encounter what we expected to encounter.

Do we actually believe that our encounter with God will change anything this Christmas?

An African village had polluted water and the children were dying. The visiting western church leaders promised clean water. The chief was not impressed because others had promised the same thing and had not delivered.

Do we have hope that things can be made new? Can we see what God has done?

There is now a new kingdom. Mk 1:15

God has broken into the scene and things are very different now. We can now repent and believe. Have faith. Take the next step. Follow what you believe.

Jesus loves you- but sometimes we believe with a clenched fist. Not sure what abundant life is all about.

Luke 4:16-19 to let the oppressed go free -not just nice- We need to expect this to happen. And act on it.

Matth 25:35-40 when did we take care of Jesus? Do we put what we believe into action?

Resolution Season is coming. I am resolved to do better. Can we take that through February?

God has given us new life. Things can actually change -what if we resolve to follow God with open hands and try less. Fall into God's love. That will change our outlook.

If we expect to see newness in expectancy with God we will see changes. Give more of ourselves. We all have opportunity to fall into the love of God.

Unclench your fists this year. See God's newness and let Him change our world.

Focus on God's pursuing love. Drink of his love for you. God brought you here to say "I love you".

Peace to you

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