Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obedience - Joseph and Mary

Matt 1 Luke 1
Tim Reimer Morweena

The Cast-
OT Prophets John Shepherds Herod Joseph Mary etc
What did they say do?

Joseph & Mary's story is shockingly simple. Nearly invisible. This simplicity is intentional.

Joseph & Mary's Qualifications
Righteous Obedient
Matth 1 God with us
Joseph righteous & sensitive to Mary and public opinion. Wanted the least offensive option. Joseph was painfully disappointed. God told him to proceed, he listens, obeys. And has depth of character to follow divine leadership. He was tuned into God's voice. Not swayed by public opinion.

Luke 1: 26-56
In the 6th month - do not be afraid Mary.

Mary's Qualifications
Conceive & give birth to the son of the most high. How? The Holy Spirit. Let it be!
She is role model of obedience "I am the Lord's servant."

Three issues
Fear Peers Personal Issues

In those times when you speak to me l will obey. That's my final answer

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