Sunday, October 05, 2014


Delbert Enns

Is it fair for mom to slave away preparing thanksgiving dinner and everyone gobbles it up before she has a chance to sit down? All she gets is left overs.

Sometimes we face setbacks. When 1+1=0

Following Christ is not a straight line. More like a zigzag.
Jesus must become greater and I must become less and less.

Where is God when nothing works? Friends let you down. Kids in trouble?

Elisha was a prophet and one of the students at the school died. The widow got in trouble.
Elisha said: what do you need? What do you have? Just some olive oil. He makes her do something. Borrow jars (become a begger) and pour oil to fill them all. Do something! Pray. NOW!

Knock and the door will be open. God wants us to beg.

The widow poured oil until all the jars were full. Now she had to go sell door to door.

The woman of Shunam has a son that died. She asked Elisha to come back. The boy comes back to life when Elisha does mouth to mouth.

Jesus come upon me and warm me up!

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