Sunday, October 12, 2014

Big Buts of the Bible

Getting to the But of Love!
Spock and captain Kirk
In a previous episode Spock died to allow others to live.
When Jesus died he died for his enemies and friends.
Rom 5. Go get a Bible.
Left Behind came out and no one went to see it. If you do go leave a set of clothes in the seat.
Almost Normal is a new video about young people committed to serve Jesus.

Distance Group. Oshawa has a house church group.

ISIS ISLAM & JESUS a 3 week series coming up

Rom 5:6-8
Justification just as if I'd never sinned.
Out of the gift of grace God forgives and we want to live a life of love.
Reconciliation - a separation a brokenness that should be bought back together.
Reconciliation is only a Christian concept. The God of the universe wants to be friends with us.
God's love has been poured into our hearts. We often tune that out. Internal and external love.
While we were still sinners (enemies) (bad guys)Christ died for us!
There is no category for this kind of hero in human literature.
The God of the old Testament did a lot of slaying. Jesus said love is the real God.  Jesus shows us who God really is.
1. God has always been about self sacrifice
2. We have always been about self preservation
3. God works with us where we are it. Eg kings of Israel. Accommodation. God is good with a tent. David wanted a temple. God said ok then. God uses what people want. The old Testament should be read with tears. God hates a lot of the old Testament.
Does God love the rebellious child? Yes. God does not force you to attend the party. He invites you to come! He wants to make you his child.
Parents family spouse (former) friends enemy
1. Love is a choice
2. Love is offered to everyone
3. Love is given regardless of emotions
4. Love does not passively tolerate wrongs
5. Love asks How can I help you?

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