Sunday, May 18, 2014

All People's Church Falcon

Fabulous service! The choir from Emanuel Free Church Steinbach sang a half dozen hymns. 

Neil Rempel (his favorite song is Kneel (Neil) at the Cross!) from Greater European Mission was the guest speaker.
He spoke passionately about the need for Christians to speak to everyone about the Good News of Jesus's death and resurrection based on Acts 19 where Paul enters the synagogue and has daily dialogue with the Jews about the good news. When they get tired of him he rents a hall and teaches there for 2 more years and great glory came to Jesus's name.

He used an example of a humble believer in Austria that was faithful in witnessing to a highly intelligent avowed atheist and brought him to Neil who challenged him to read the Bible and pray that God would reveal himself. 

He did and became a Christian and now is a pastor in Austria.

Neil's family including grandkids are going to Poland this summer to teach English. They use in their ministry.

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