Sunday, October 07, 2012

Meeting House Church
Pastor Bruxy Cavey leads it now. They have 10,000 seats available each weekend. They simulcast to 20 locations.
Started by  Craig & Laura Sider. Affiliated with BIC Brethren in Christ they support the efforts of Mennonite Central Committee in Africa.

The Great Co-Mission
Part 3 Motivation. A. Hell as motivation for evangelism
B. Biblical motivation. C. Keeping Christ central

One Roof at Brampton Powerade center. Hot DJ to dance the night away.

The Simpsons slept through church and then they found out the apocalypse had just happened.

Hell is never used as an evangelism motivator. Math 28:18 why? All authority has been given to Jesus. Shared in the rationality of the  God head.
Jesus is the authoritative Word of God.
People who have doubts are the founding disciples.
Evangelism is not primarily a rescue mission but a reality mission.
In the beginning God... not gods. Poly theism tends to be more peaceful. Ps 91 for great is the Lord. He made the heavens.  There is only one reality. For everyone... a loving God. He is good for everyone. Compassion... Christ's love compels us. Luke 15 has 3 stories. Lost sheep coins sons have less value. The gospel is about Saved from our sins. Not just the consequences of sin.
Jesus and God's love is more important than Hell. Good things don't need threats to be appreciated. We follow Jesus. Not the Bible. The gospel is is the ultimate good news.
People who aren't interested in the good news won't be motivated by the bad news of Hell. Honey I love you. I have a gun and you love me me right? Will you marry me? If you say no I'll shoot you! Is that the kind of love you want?

The old testament God, is he different than the new testament God? A physical kingdom vs a spiritual kingdom. Great thought I don't know but what I do know is... is always a good answer.  Everything has to go through the Jesus filter. Bring the answer back to Jesus. I'm a Jesus's disciple. I follow him.
Luke 15 challenge. Find the lost. What would it look like if you always looked at everyone as very valuable someone for whom Christ died. We always run the judgement tapes that are so unimportant. Think about the challenge. Retrain your mind to pray "help me see people the way he does."

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