Sunday, October 21, 2012

Living a generous life
What does it mean to be a church? Baptism Sunday coming up.

Song. Wonderful so wonderful. Beautiful one I love you.

Pastor Delbert
What is important? Money is a sleeping giant within all of us.
If you have trouble between friends and relatives usually it involves money.
We all want to be someone. Money plays a major role in making us happy. A good relationship far outweighs money.
Giving with a generous heart. Moses grew up in a palace and had everything. Moses killed a soldier and ran away at age 40. As a shepherd God called him to get the people out of Egypt.
Moses protested. God asked him to use his shepherd's staff to prove God spoke to him. Miracles happened only when he released what was in his hand.
Community is to live a life of generosity. You can choose to live with a clenched fist. That will be hard. Many men control their wives.
Open hand says I'm sharing what God has given me. People are usually between those. A clenched fist life is a shriveled life. Kids know what a happy meal is. All kids have a happy meal void that can only be filled with a happy meal.
God created humans  male and female and blessed them. He wants you to live the blessed life. Too often our selfishness kills the blessings.
A rich young Jewish businessman wanted to know how to be blessed. Jesus asked him to share. He was too right fisted. We battle that all the time. Community and generosity are the same Greek word. Give it all away and follow Jesus.
Give out of love. We live in a generous society but Christians give only 2.5% of their income. But we all want to live a blessed life.

What are you holding in your hands that is holding you back from experiencing a blessed life? Figure it out. That's not hard. What you think about the most.

Jesus said guard against every kind of greed. Are you planning to eat drink and be merry. There is no limit to desire for more. Jesus said you foolish donkey you will die.
Living a generous life. Give away 1st before buying more.
The word give occurs more than 2,000 times in the Bible. What you have in your hand let it go. This morning you are invited to join the society of generosity. Then you will always have everything you need to live joyfully
Give thoughtfully with joy voluntarily. Don't ever give under pressure or guilt. Tithing means returning 10% of what God has given you. If you give only a little bit you only get a little reward.

Generous giving is about reorienting your life to Christ's example.

Everyone needs compassion forgiveness
Savior he can move the mountains.
Take me as you find me fill my life again.
All is well. He lowers us to raise us. I'm held firm by the rock of ages. He is God in control. I know I'm in God's hand. All is well.

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