Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Centrallia 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Greetings from from the Premier of Manitoba
Gail Asper honorary chair
We have people from 30 countries here for one on one meetings

We are here today to hear MALCOLM GLADWELL

tweet your questions

He is top 20 thinkers

Got arrested when he snuck across the border as a teen

Hockey should be Canadian

Sermon. Not Sunday not a preacher
Ecclesiasties the race is not to the swift
Being an underdog is not bad
To be the first is what we all want. But it is over rated
Aim to be third
1982 the Lebanon war
Syria lost 70 planes in 2 days
Israel used drones in the days before they attacked
They had awacs planes
They had guided missiles
RMA no one has ever done it better

Russia invented the ideas
The U.S. built it the
Israelites perfected that

Why this process?

The Russians had a powerful think tank
The Americans invented stuff
Israel a small country had a very devastating experience in 67 when they lost 15% of their planes. They were desperate to prevent another disaster.
Centralized thinking leads to pondering forever
Competition leads to infighting

Xerox park built in the 70s is the most state of the art to invent the future. Everything comes out of there. They invented windows. GUI was invented there. The mouse came from there. Pdf comes from there.

Steve Jobs went there. They were there. He got a demo and started jumping up and down and starts the Apple interface. Make a mouse and put it on every computer. The McIntosh was born.

Xerox was first because they had brains and ideas. It stood in the way of marketing. They made a $16,000 personal computer. They were in no hurry.
Jobs was desperate for a money making product. That desperation led to a successful consumer product. The first mouse was the size of the shoe box.

Steve Jobs was always third. The most important entrepreneur was always third forth or fifth

Oracle founder spent a year fixing up his private jet and invites Steve to see it. Steve makes his plane even better.

David Gilson says geniuses come in several varieties. Conceptual innovators. Picasso was one
Sesannes wasn't first to market. He was 50 before he accomplished anything worthwhile

So work on being third.

What's in the next book? It's about hardship and how it shapes us. It's about Wilma Doerksen and the Mennonite culture of forgiveness that came out of centuries of persecution. It's about self made billionaires that walked to school barefoot.

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