Sunday, October 28, 2012

When God is God: Waiting
Brian Neufeld
Kendra's song from 188 Princess. A couple of pictures and a record is all I've got of you mama. I'm afraid of going to church. Pray for me. I feel so lonely. I wonder what it's like to have a home?
She did come to 188 Princess where she found Jesus.

Dave Ens
One of my struggles about working downtown is sorting the evil and the good there.
Sometimes we become preoccupied with ourselves. Jesus said lose your life to find it.

Sovereignty of God.
God has control of us. The earth it's the Lord's and all that is in it. God is not a vending machine.
If I get a flat tire and I miss the flight that ends up crashing has God intervened on my behalf? What about all the others that did not have flat tires? Where was God for them?

God is God. He can be your life changer.
Will be looking at the book our Habakkuk over the next few Sundays. It has 60 verses. It is a conversation between God and the prophet. The king steals from the poor to appease the rich. The courts were corrupt.

How long will God let this go on? Sometimes God's answer is worse than nothing. God raised up Israel's enemies to deal with the evil. You won't believe how bad it will get. We tend to watch for God to do what we want Him to do. How do we respond when the opposite happens?
Hab talks back to God. This is not who you are God!
The mystery of God is that he invites us to get involved. Hab 1:13 why are you silent when the wicked swallow the better people?
Hab started to watch for God. How will God do things now?
Is God good? His goodness must be on our mind at all times. Whatever God does I will follow. The ultimate act of God's sovereignty is to change human hearts through his demonstration of love through Jesus' death.
Today we will celebrate the sovereignty of God with communion.
We can't demystify God. 2 symbols - bread to remind us of Jesus's broken body and the fruit of the vine to remind us of the blood he shed for us.

Come just as you are.

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