Sunday, October 14, 2012

Memorials to what was

Or what might have been.

There is the one for Henry Reimer (24-94), Martha's dad. He had a blood disease that required him to drain blood every so often. In his final days I was experimenting with the idea of a new bakery system. He wondered whether I would be a good baker.

There is the memorial to Leona (49-78), Martha's sister. She was not yet 30 when the anxieties and pressures in life became too much to bear. Would a word of encouragement have helped? She was busy in reaching out to Winnipeg being a committed evangelist. The retired pastor couple she lived with was too busy watching soaps to spend time helping her. We could have spent time with her. She wanted us to come hear her sing in the choir the Sunday before that fateful day.  We didn't. Were we too busy for her?

There are so many stories here. Who will tell those stories? Coming here is to remember some.

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