Sunday, October 21, 2012


5 people came to watch the movie.
To hell with hell?
The gospel makes no sense without hell.
The demons know where they come from and where they are going.
Not to preach hell is the worst thing you can do.
Eternal hell. How successful are you at winning souls.
Are Canadians all Mormons?
Do you believe in eternal torment? Or annihilation? Rob Bell's book. Truth has nothing to fear. Us and them. What bigger threat is there then that?
Fear of change does not allow some people to think. The gate keepers can't allow change. That would mean their lives were wasted. Hell avoidance plan is alive and well.
Old Testament does not teach Hell? The Pharisees accept the idea of life after death and hence hell.
Jesus is unteaching hell? HELLhouse scares people half to death. Would Jesus  use hellhouse to scare people into heaven?
The dead sea is also the lake of fire. Gehenna was a literal place pit. Jerusalem was completely destroyed in A.D. 70.
The early church had 3 views. Universalism was soft on hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy. No one knows if there are any people in hell. We don't know who will be saved. An ultimate redemptionist says everyone will have an opportunity to be saved. The bible has become the paper pope. Can we live in the mystery of tensions? Some people think that if you disagree with them you disagree with God. God hates some people.??
The Bible is simple and plain and hell is there.
Torment annihalism universalism
Take the Bible seriously. Painful process is hell. No literal hell. Roast in hell for ever. It is subjective to believe in hell. Do we have the ability to decide what's true? Christian universalism says everyone will be saved. God is big enough to deal with everyone's sin. There is a hell. It wouldn't be fair to let Hitler into heaven. Is it just to send someone to eternal damnation for temporal sins? What is perfect justice? We will all go through the fire of testing and the bad stuff gets burned up. Does God sort of win? Salvation includes adoption and not everyone gets saved. Jesus saved. His love is conditional on obedience. Jealous love. He works for the joy of His children.
Every doctrine of hell has a system of beliefs. Does God play favorites? The CS Lewis move is that the lock to hell is on the inside.
There will be a day of judgement when we will be free to choose Him clearly.
Preaching Peace. We all deserve punishment.
Renounce violence and embrace forgiveness.
Are we celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden?
God is on our side? Is there such a thing as correct belief? Be open to universalism. Don't presume to know it all.
Pursue the Jesus way and you'll have joy and peace. The end is a mystery. Empathy makes us human through unselfish love. Don't be afraid. There is no fear. It has been cast out of heaven.

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