Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aunt Esther Memorial

Led by John Friesen
She selected and we sang
When peace like a river attends my way when sorrows like sea billows roll

Great is thy faithfulness O God my father

Ron's eulogy
She heard she observed and understood
Please don't take advantage of my generous nature
When she came back from her service with mother Theresa she kept talking about that experience
She had a way with words
She loved the hate right out of me
I was always the rebel.
She had half a dozen books about mother Theresa including lots of underlined parts
The poor need to be seen more than helped. She always helped and was taken advantage of. Her purse got stolen she did not get mad
She got the governor general's award and put it under her bed
She had a strong Christian faith.
The effects of her stroke shook her faith to the core. Even though she found no intellectual answer to her questions she kept trusting God.
Everyone appreciated her. She knew everyone by name. Sometimes she struggled with self confidence and other issues. She will always be an inspiration
How do we love? Not in big things but in little things very much.

Rock of Ages cleft for me

Ralph Unger
She wrote optimistic cards.
Even when she got ripped off by a "friend"

She spent lots of time helping John and Trudy when they lived on the street

Judy Friesen
Taunti Auna's daughter
We used go to Riverton crammed into a VW
She was working in the city
She used to live on Victor street. She gave a ride to Winnipeg

She made me feel good. You'll have to be an artist. She said

Why was her wardrobe all black and white? She was an excellent host.

Grandma Reimer:
Esther and Kelvin visited her recently. They had a good visit. Read a letter from Esther's friend.


50 people were at her memorial service
she had so many good friends that remembered her fondly
John's dad used to  take her on milk delivery trips

Many enjoyable family memories. Fish soup.
Thanks John for all your efforts.

Sheila  did a very good job as power of attorney.

Closing song
What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear.

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