Sunday, November 07, 2010

World Premiere

400 people came to the Riverton Hall for the world premiere of the new movie "Where is My Father - The Story of Job."
120 volunteers starred in the movie.
Life is a series of problems- we are all trying to make sense of suffering. This is Job's story. Interlake Christian Films.

The movie starts with Job celebrating 100 years. Then Satan talks to God and Job's problems start. Job and his friends are chatting about why righteous would ever suffer. While they are chatting bad things are happening. Good sound effects and visuals while the thieves are stealing and the fire rains down and the house collapses and the whole family is wiped out.

They forgot to add tears and emotion to the funeral.

What have we done to deserve this sorrow? Where is the Lord in it? Job's wife asks. Then Job gets stricken. Curse God she says. But Job struggles to go back to the altar. He cursed the day he was born. He says I wait for death.

If God causes us to suffer, why follow him? My life makes no sense. God, why do you use me for target practice? Kill me already. We all deserve death but God gives us hope.

My dad did not appreciate the loud bass background noise (music).

I was honoured, now I'm despised. I will die alone.

Then Job's wife prays for him and he is able to get a good night's sleep. When he wakes up he has been healed. Then they go the altar to worship God.

There God speaks to Job. Where were you when I laid the world's foundation?

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