Friday, November 19, 2010

Candlelight Memorial

It breaks my heart in two - to say goodbye to you

In the quiet curve of evening in the sinking of the day, you are there
In the rest between the phrases in the gaps between the meaning in the melting down of ending In the empty cave of grieving in the desert of my dreamings you are there In the tunnel of my sorrow you are there

Sleep peacefully, my precious ones

There's an angel standing over me in the brilliance of a star when the waves of night are rolling in they'll be there burning bright with the light that will live on

What beautiful and caring souls we have all been truly blessed In a garden far from here there's an angel come to rest

Tonight I hold this candle in memory of you Kris, Jason, and Renee

Approximately 150 people came together to light candles in memory of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces nephews. Most families had 4 or more relatives to share the grief. We had no one to sit with us.

This Candle says I love you
This Candle says I miss you
When I'm holding it toward heaven It feels like you are near If you are looking down tonight and see this candle burning bright It says I'in wishing you were here

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