Sunday, October 03, 2010

What is True Fellowship?

Austin Evangelical Fellowship (EMMC)
Pastor Colin (& Dawn) Bell

Music Brad Driedger's Worship Team.

1 Sam 18:1-4 Lessons from the life of David
Social networking is exploding. Facebook helped me connect with Kindergarten "friends" but some of them just become part if a list.

What is true friendship? Multiplies Joy, divides grief, understands silence, stays true. Friend is the first one to come running when every one runs away. Become interested in other people and you will have friends.

David & Jonathan shared a common purpose. They made a love covenant. Soul knit to soul. Kindred spirits friendship. Soulmates.

3 marks of true friendship.
1. Relational. Who is your true friend? 1 Sam 23:17 Jonathon knows David will be king.

True friendship seeks God's will
a) to be fulfilled in each other's life -what does that mean? Are we willing to put aside my interest?
b) goes beyond self interest.
c) even when it contradicts your own desires. Jonathan handed over his prince's symbols to David.
2. True friendship seeks truth. Build up people around you that disagree. Let your life be open and investigated.
A) Seek an answer - what is my iniquity? Allow friends to correct and speak truth into your life. Start with your spouse. What am I like to be with? Get some honest answers.
b) Jonathan's response. He questions David. They scheme up a test to find out what the situation is. Saul was seeking to kill him. True friendship seeks the truth even if it means it will be tested.

3. True Friendship Trusts.
Shared issues are safe.
Go in peace. When Jonathon passed away David took care of Jonathon's son.

4. What kind of friend am I? Are we willing to speak truth in the lives of friends?
Do we want to have true friends? Or just acquaintances.

Do we have 6 people that would come to our funeral and not look at the clock? Those are our true friends.

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