Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Gail Asper honorary chair: Happy to be here.
Premier Selinger: a year ago this was a dream. What an opportunity for the world to get together. SMEs have built our country. All the best to you.

Co-Chair David Angus Wpg Chamber.
A long journey. A labour of love. 20 Countries 600 business leaders here.

Centrallia started in France 20 years ago
Thanks for all the government support.

Business sponsors

Introduction by Sheldon Bowles. Domo gas founder.
Chair of Precision Metalcraft.
Congratulations to Centrallia for inviting Ken Blanchard award winning speaker. Owns training company Ken has had 3 million hits.

Been friends with Ken since 1977. Ken has faith. God placed a saint in our midst. He leads with love. He is kind. Never once has he said an unkind thing about anything or anyone. Met him in Chicago after he had been at a ball game. Always full of energy. Gentle Nice. Not impressed with success.

Ken Blanchard: Wish my dad was still alive. He would have been proud. My mom would have believed that.

Just finished a day at Westjet- a 15 year old Company and a major player.

An influence process. Life roles. Positions.

3 things.
1. Be a bearer of hope. Assure your people that "We can solve these problems". Be the Chief spiritual officer. Pump up your associates. Share your Vision over and over. Celebrate. Greet everyone as a long lost friend. Know how to manage everyone's activity. Be positive. You behavior changes others.
Your mind is like a computer. Garbage in garbage out. Be positive. Tell the person in the mirror that he's wonderful.
2. Your people are your partners. They own the place get out of their way. None of us as smart as all of us. If you have a problem in the business you want everyone to lose sleep. It's not about you.
3. Lead at a higher level of Servant Leadership.

Servant leadership has 2 parts. Vision. Direction
Westjet does best because they have a vision. Values. Goals - help people to accomplish worthwhile goals while helping People. Profit is the applause you get for delivering Value. We need a list of Fortunate 500 Companies. Provider of choice. Investment of choice.
Without Values you have a free for all.
Disney Values:
1. Safety 2. Courtesy 3. Show 4. Efficiency.

My charge. Leadership is - Are your people clear about your vision, values, goals? That's the leadership part of Servant leadership.

The servant part is to turn the Pyramid upside down. Cheer on your people.
When Jesus was washing his disciples feet they caught the Vision.

There are 2 kinds of people: ducks and eagles. Ducks go quack quack. Eagles take care of it and get it done.

One time Ken went to airport without his ID. Southwest says to their people "use your brains". They guided him through security with the picture in his book. The big connecting airline did a lot of quacking before they let him on and only after he kissed up to the boss manager.

It's always the leader that sets the tone of an organization. The new director of Departmert of Motor Vehicles said: My job is to organize the department moment by moment to take care of the citizens. They made sure every citizen got top notch service.

Don't beat people up

When it comes to decisions use your brains. Leaders need to be there to support staff to be the best they can be.
Are you a self-serving leader?
Read the book: Ordering Your Private World.
Driven people think they own everything.
Servant leader says thank you. They encourage people to grow into their position.
Self-Serving leaders tie their self worth to their job.

Significance & generosity make life worthwhile. What do you do with your time?
Loving relationship.

Read the book: When Life is Over It All Goes Back in the Box. The only thing you save is your soul.

At 4 pm put one of 2 stickers on everything: "important forever" or "temporary"

Only love lasts. In the "Ghost" Movie Sam dies. Then he protects Mollie in the after life. Finally he says I love you to her and goes to heaven. Love is all you can take out of here.

Love creates performance and satisfaction
All else goes back in the box.
Inukshuk to guide people.

We are the fortunate 600 here.

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