Sunday, October 17, 2010

Annual Riverton Community Worship Service

Prayer Of Thanks
.... from the east we receive peace & light .... Thanks for the Tree world .... Help as to be wise in use of resources sharing them ....
From the south come teachings of caring sharing and warmth .... Thanks for the Animal world ....
From the west come teachings of faith .... thanks for rocks and water .... Holy Spirit breathe over the waters ....
From the north come purifying winds ... Give us strength .... Thanks for plants kindness wisdom ....
From above comes unconditional love ....
From the earth comes the gift of life .... Thanks for our time on earth. May we live life to make things better for those who are yet to come .... We give you our hearts and minds .... To our Creator and Savior .... May we learn to celebrate the way of peace, harmony and tranquility in our Families Communities Country and World around us .... thank you Jesus.

Children's Story - The smiling pumpkin had jucky stuff inside that the farmer had to take out and throw away. Then he made a happy face on the pumpkin and put a light inside. That's what God wants to do for each of us.

Thanks for the leadership in our Community. They are what make our community a good place to live.

I wouldn't miss heaven for the world - there is nothing in this world I'd trade...

I'm satisfied with just a cottage below... I've got a mansion just over the hilltop in that bright land where we'll never grow old

Speaker John Ingalls was born and raised on the east coast, 28 years with RCMP, now retired and pastoring in Hecla.
Born and raised on a little island in the Bay of Fundy in the Village of Seal Cove

Had his first boat at age 10. Parents brought us up in the faith.

At 16 bought his first dory and 16 lobster traps. Fishing was all he wanted to do. Father knew fishing was a dying business. Quit school at Grade 11 and went commercial fishing. Went back to school and took the RCMP test. Great grandfather was murdered during prohibition.

After joining a commercial fishery got a call to join RCMP but did not want to.. too much money in fishing. Then the boat sank.

Decided to make dad happy and join the RCMP.
During training had to learn to swim.

In March the boat I was going to go on got run over and all aboard were killed. That made me bitter

When I got transferred to Manitoba I met the love of any life on a blind date. She helped to
bring me back to God. When we were stationed in Prince George I became a dog handler and got known as the meanest man.

His father went into the bush back east and prayed for his son until God assured him that John was going to change.

One day he had to track some criminals and got lost in the bush. In freezing rain. Then he prayed for God to get him out of this mess. Then saw a star that guided him back to his car.

A preacher invited him to church but he heard nothing. God was asking him "What are you going to do about that promise you made in the bush?" Then Maxine asked him what are you going to do? That's when he went to the alter to pray. When he got home he drained all the alcohol. The next morning when he kissed his wife Maxine goodbye he slipped and fell. From what used to be a foul mouth came something his wife had never heard before: "Praise the Lord anyway"!

They adopted 3 children and learned what it means for Got to adopt us.

When God comes in He will change your life. Faith gives you the Victory.

He did it for me he can do it for you.

The world premiere of the motion picture "Where is my Father?" will show in Riverton in 2 weeks. Tickets available on the website. The Job Project.

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