Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thanks for praying

Maybe we overreacted. Alayna called us late Monday night to tell us she was OK! She said they were on a rock-climbing trip for the fun of it, and to visit Katie in Phoenix. She said she had done "nothing wrong". They have separate sleeping arrangements, and nothing improper was going to happen. When I offered to buy her a ticket to fly home, she was clear that she did not want that. We made it clear that we felt that what she had done was highly inappropriate to say the least. She said she knew that she would have to live with the consequences of her decisions.

Some time ago I asked her if she knew what was the best gift her mom had ever given me. When I told her that it was that her mom had given me her virginity on our wedding night, she was emphatic that that is what she wanted to give her husband-to-be as well. So many marriages break up for lack of purity before the wedding.

Alayna is a vivacious, articulate, highly skilled individual. She sings, acts, and generally knows everything about anything. She loves the Lord and wants to walk in the center of His will. She is searching for God's will to be revealed to her. We look forward with keen anticipation to see what that will be! Please continue to pray for her.

Raymond and Martha

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