Sunday, May 27, 2007

Today at Star Wars

5/27/07 were planning to go to the 9 am service at Saddleback but when we saw they have a 6:30 service we decided to go to Star Wars in the morning
10:00 am Creating new worlds interviews w the designers and model makers.
11:00 am Fan Fair hall where the fan clubs demonstrate their diorama and model building skills.
Long line up for a Starbucks Coffee. I'm so tired I could go back to the hotel for a good sleep.
1:00 pm One Man Star Wars trilogy. By Charlie Ross, who started it as a one man show off Broadway.
2:30 pm Billy Dee Williams and the Lando diaries. Hosted by Scott Chernoff - Star Wars nerd. Very funny. Debonair.
4:30pm The Force of The Fetts in Concourse Hall with Jiay La'Guya from Australia
Reunion of friends.
the youngest- Daniel Logan from New Zealand now in college. Boba Fett as a child.
Jeremy Bullock the flying adult Boba Fett
Temeura Morrisson Jengo Fett

6:30 pm for church. Got there 15 minutes late partly because there were 2 Portola parkway exits.
Rick Warren pastor preached on "Setting Financial Goals"
Tithe 10% save 10% no matter what. He has a dozen billionaire friends. They all follow that principle. Only buy what you need. Wear it out. God wants to be your financial advisor.
Provide for family needs. Not greeds. God expects it. 1 Tim 5:8 Don't live beyond your needs.

Testimony: Mary Hunt grew up poor and wanted to be rich to have what she wanted. Maried Harold - a banker. She got a credit card. Got into fights with her husband. He quit his good job to get into multi-level marketing. Lost everything. She finally saw her cheating heart and made God a promise to tithe and save. Spent 10 years in frugality and thrift. Her husband started calling her "my little cheapskate" They paid back more than $100,000 in unsecured debt. Now they own a business.

Use some money to grow your character. Grow Spiritually with Seminars Conferences Fitness memberships.
He bought his first Bible as a teenager. Cost 2 month's allowance. Still have that Bible today. Better to have wisdom and knowledge than to have gold and silver.
Buy some good books.
Use some money to help others. The only safe investment for eternity. 2,000 verses about helping the poor.
Saddleback Church is the most generous church in North America. 1.6 million $ raised in one offering for the tsunami plus $1.7MM for hurricane victims.
Nothing becomes great without sacrifice. Are our greatest days behind us or before us? Start tithing today!
Luke16:9 Give to get some friends into heaven. That is the highest use of your money. There will be people in heaven because of your help.
Only people who don't know God are always worried about money. Circle the words about heaven.
You can pile it up on earth or in heaven. If your treasure is on earth, you get one day further away from it every day.

8:45pm dinner at Memphis Bar B-Q Company. ''We didn't invent Bar-B-Q it just tastes like it"

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