Saturday, June 28, 2008

Four Months- 3 years June 26


Martha writes:

Yesterday it was four months since Renee's passing - promotion to glory - I don't know what word to use - eight months since we went to Vancouver - October 25 was the day that Renee got the word that she had relapsed -three years since she was first diagnosed with leukemia. Somehow by the grace of God we have made it though another day, another month.

One of our coping strategies is to... read more at...


It is hard to know what to say to you. Your life goes on, while ours is in limbo. We go through the motions, but everything seems so futile. So many things have gone wrong. The things I need to do don't get done, and I waste all kinds of time doing things I don't need to do. Like checking my empty email box 20 times a day. Like calling people who don't return my calls. Like forgetting to call the people that I should call.

But then you don't want to listen to my whining. So is there anything good to say?

Several writers have expressed interest in writing Renee's story. A TV producer wants to make a documentary and a movie of Renee's life. Is that a good idea? We'd love to have Renee's friends write about different segments of Renee's life. She was a multi-faceted diamond and it would be wonderful to include chapters from every facet of Renee's life. Please respond to us if you are interested in contributing a chapter or two.

We have friends that come to comfort us, hug us and show us they care in so many ways. We have a wonderful church family and a caring pastor. We have a God who loves us so much that He sent his only Son to take our pain and sin on himself and suffer and die for us. What a demonstration of LOVE! We listen to messages downloaded from and we read emails from

Don and Joyce and the wonderful team in Morris are a bright light in my darkness. Thanks for your commitment to make the best of a difficult situation. Our trip to Regina Farm Show last week was a good diversion for a few days. To visit with Florence, Renee's friend and mentor Rhonda, and James and Roxanne were highlights of the trip. We missed the Joy Smith Gala Dinner featuring Troy Westwood and honouring Cindy Klassen and Jennifer Jones.

We plan to attend a SCIDS conference in the US at the end of July. Thought we might fly to Toronto and drive down from there, back up to Quebec and then to Ottawa and before returning home.

We are meeting for lunch with Twylla and Arden. They have lost 2 babies. Now they have a healthy 1-year-old boy.

Many people who have gone through the loss of child, have told us that for them it took from 3 - 7 years before life gets back to the new "normal". In the meantime, the brain does not function well, memory is poor, and nothing matters anymore, hence there is little reason to get up in the morning. When friends ask to meet for breakfast, that?s helpful. But that doesn't fix the swimming pool, the pool table, assemble the pictures, send thankyou cards, get the new sign ordered, get my home office organized, the new van shopped for, the new R&D shop acquired, the new office equipped, the BEST system running, the CAD operator hired, the cell phones fixed, the new house designed, the cottage fixed. What's the point? The PAIN of searing loss goes on and on and on and.........


Please donate in Renee's memory to We'll send you a DVD


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    sounds like you need to stop blaming yourself and try to move on. blaming yourself or anyone else won't bring her back anyway.keep your focus on jesus!

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    thanks for the comment
    sure would appreciate knowing who you are