Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is tough

Yesterday I met with Cameron. He lost his son at age 18 in a boating accident 6 years ago. Life has not been the same for him or his family since then. You just don't get over it, he says. I gave him a Renee Memorial card and a Living LifeLight NT.

Easter Sunday evening we went to Steinbach to visit Taunte Liz. During the day we had Justin and Alayna and Alayna's friends for Easter dinner of smoked turkey and other indulgent goodies.

Good Friday we had the Reimer Easter gathering at Martha's mom.

I spend a lot of time in Morris nowadays. Between that, the flood, and St Adolphe, sometimes I'm not sure where to turn.

Tonight Martha and I have tickets for the Gorden Lightfoot concert at the MTS Centre. That should be enjoyable. The other option was to go to Compassionate Friends.

Today is 30 years to the day our Jason died at Toronto's Sick Kids hospital. The Dr there who claimed to be "the fountain of truth" was not.

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of my 39th birthday. I am looking forward to my friend Carlin coming for the weekend to spend time with us.

My mom's 85th birthday is on Monday. Hopefully we can go see her then.

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