Sunday, May 24, 2009

Building w God- Guarding your Time Pastor Delbert Enns
Chronos Greek consuming time
Kairos - what is time for?
Job 14:5 we have only so much time
Stop to find out what is missing Mark 1:35, 10:46-52
Jesus had to stop to talk to the Father and pray Jesus was never in a hurry
He stopped.
The busier we are the more useful we think we are.
Time- a patch of light. Acts 8:26-39 1 Peter 1:13
the Ethiopian is reading while rushing along. Phillip introduces him to Jesus and baptizes him. God choreographed the kairos moment
Occasionally God says stop and think. Let God re-arrange your agenda

Stop to think anew.
Rom 12:2 Gen 2:2-3
A beautiful mind. A nice video. John hears voices that hold him hostage. With the help of his wife he learns not to listen to those Voices.
God is more interested in what you think than in changing my circumstances

Think anew about
Down time- Sabbath- catch one's breath allowing God to breathe into us.
Sanctify time- Betrothed -set aside. Kairos moments
Live in Kairos time not chronos.

God has implanted eternity in us
Kairos time.

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