Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission Impossible

Dave Ens Eastview
Wife gave a nice football early in marriage
She doesn't like football. So the ball sits on the shelf - useless. It is waiting to be played with.
We all have useless stuff in our lives - when are we going to start doing something?
God's Grace. A grace filled community is a blessing to others. The gifts you have been given are intended to build others up.
We all have a football sitting around. We have to decide to play with it. Your gifts are an expression of God.
Impossible becomes possible. Phillippi has become a complete ruin. In Paul's time Phillippi (Little Rome) was the retirement center for the faithful. Ceasar called himself the son of God - so Paul waded into an impossible situation. Acts 16:9-11 Paul called to Macedonia
v11-15 Paul found some women worshipping at the river. No men. He preached anyway and a church was born.
v16- Paul ordered evil spirit out of a girl. We often complain but never do anything about it. Our heart might burn about something but we ignore it. Maybe that is God calling you to step into a situation. You may get banged up but the joy of playing the game is your reward.
Paul & Silas were beat up and jailed. We are often too afraid and so we are pain free and joy free. Doing nothing.
v33- the jailer became a Christian after God sent the earthquake. Paul did not run away. He stayed to see what God would do. You can tell when someone gives all that they can do.
Your gifts are real and make a difference.
What are you going to do with your gift?
Lord here I am. Use me as you would for your honor and glory.
Do you dare to pray that prayer?

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