Sunday, May 30, 2010

Morweena Church

Pray for Jamaica. For peace. For peace for farmers that have been rained out.

Harry and Levina Friesen have just returned from Paraguay.
Greetings in Jesus' name.

Spent 2 months preaching teaching in Paraguay. His brother Ted helped preach a one week series from John
The church has an empty suite that any one can enjoy.
The church is doing well. Sunday School has been started at Rio Verde. 5 Couples have recently moved from Canada to help along in the church.
The church is producing one hour daily radio Program. Morweena Paraguay farm is doing well.
We fly there. It is on the other side of the world.

Hopeful this message will encourage your heart. Children believe in God. All preaching has one focus to get to know who Jesus is. Who is he?

What kind of Jesus does it take to be my Saviour? the one I believe in.
John made it obvious that Jesus tried to tell us who he is. We all have an enormous need for a savior. Do we know that need?
How do you bridge the gap. From lostness to God. That is a profound thought. Edwin Wright: "From the guttermost to the uttermost."
Jn 1:1 In the beginning Genesis
We found the Messiah- an awesome statement
1. We need a man. Someone who can feel with us. Some of his contemporaries had a problem with that. How could a man be a Savior? Who made himself out to be God.
He had grandma's features. An ordinary man.
Jn 6 bread of life. How can he give us his flesh to eat? He was a blood and flesh Man. John the Baptist did not recognize him as the savior. But as a cousin.
The Word tented among us.
2. We need a Messiah. God needs to come to bridge the gap. Not the highest angel. But God himself. Not a JW Jesus. A riddle of being God and man at the same time. Believe in him. Stand in awe of Him. He is God. Reverence Him. The Word was God. John Stott writes how Jesus God does a miracle and teaches how that applies to him. Light Life Resurrection
Jesus knew where he came from. God in eternity. One with the Father.
The church over the centuries has struggled with and flip flopped on the God-Man.
How important are Jesus' statements? Ch 8 Jesus said "I am" 3 times. Unless you believe that "I am" you will not have eternal life.
The resurrection will underline the ''I am" the God of Abraham. Before Abraham existed ''I am" said Jesus.

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