Saturday, June 26, 2010

Morbidman Meets His Maker

I posted the text of the drama here in Memory of
Renee Amaryah Lalani Dueck
March 18, 1984 – February 26, 2008

in performance with “The Bards of Now”
directed by
Mark & Jobina Westman


(A back alley. A chain link fence runs across the stage. A couple of metal trashcans are against the fence.)

NARR- This is Terminus City. A bustling metropolis with an important university at its core, Terminus City is widely regarded as center of learning and thought. Here, scholars debate democracy, religion, philosophy, and the meaning of life. Here, the leaders of tomorrow establish the intellectual foundations that will guide them on life’s journey. But there is a darker side to Terminus City… for evil lurks within the shadows, seeking to rule the city, the country, and even the world! But fortunately for us, evil has an enemy of it’s own: the Triumvirate!

(Jack and Lenny run on stage carrying sacks of loot. They wear black turtlenecks, black pants, and black masks.)

JACK- Ha ha ha ha! Let’s see what we have in our trick or treat bags!

(They begin pulling out wallets and purses.)

JACK- Ooooh, alligator wallet!
LENNY- Carvin Klein purse!
JACK- Dinner Club card!
LENNY- Hey, this purse has Hello Kitty on it!
JACK- Hello Kitty? Lenny, you did not mug a little girl again, did you?
LENNY- (awkward) She wouldn’t share her M&M’s.
JACK- The boss is not going to be very happy with you.
LENNY- There’s three dollars in here.
JACK- Three dollars? (pulls money out of the wallet) Man, take a look at this.
LENNY- WHOA! A hundred!
JACK- Exactly. I got this off a guy coming out of that French place.
LENNY- Chez Pierre?
JACK- Yeah! That’s the kinda clientele you want to mug.
LENNY- Oh, I see.
JACK- A ha! Platinum Vista Card. Lenny, what do you say we treat ourselves to some Italian food?

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