Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going the Distance Takes Time

The PA system was way too loud today. At this rate I will need to bring my ear plugs next time. I do not enjoy suffering unnecessary noise.

Dave Ens:
God blessed the 7th day. It was the first thing He made holy.
It is part of the rhythm of life.
In "The Rest Of God" Mark Buchanan says enjoy the rest God has ordained.
Not by trying, striving, but by taking time. In Mark 3 the religious guys have rules. Jesus' disciples were threshing grain and eating it. Jesus said the Rest Day was made for people. We need to regain that rest.
Jesus demonstrated that healing and restoration was a good thing to do on the Sabbath. The religious guys plotted to kill Jesus on the Sabbath.
Sabbath is about restoration. We need time to stop to acknowledge God and to restore us taking time to restore and build relationships.

Lord's Supper Celebration.
What would it take time for you to cease the striving and to bask in the reality of what Christ has done?
When the bread is served take it and hold on to it. No music - it will be awkward but we need to learn to cease.
When the cup comes take and hold on to it till we can all drink at the same time. Let Jesus fill you.

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