Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hidden in Plain Sight: Renewed

SOAR heartland inner city mission outreach March 24- April 2. If you want to be part of that - email

Song: When l Survey the Wondrous Cross (it) bids come and die so that I may truly live.
All to Jesus I surrender make me Saviour truly yours.
Delbert Enns Pastor

Sin is humans rejecting God's way. All of God's creation has fallen from God's intent.
Do you know the names of the first Community that ever existed? Father Son & Holy Spirit. Col 1:16 Everything was created for Jesus but Jesus wanted someone to relate to. God "we" "us" created male & female humans in God's image.
How did Jesus describe the God one-ness? What does it mean to follow Christ & belong to his community?
Jesus addressed that in Mark 7:1
In Chapter 6 Jesus walked on water and fed 1,000s
In Chapter 7 the religious leaders sent out a truth squad. The question they asked was so left corner it took the air out of everyone. Tradition: handing down ideas without written instruction and without a heart commitment.
They had 613 rules regulated and defined Jewish life. The complicated hand-washing ceremony had to be performed every time before eating.
When they asked why his disciples did not follow the rules, Jesus called them hypocrites and white washed tombs. The problem was in their hearts. They needed heart renewal. It's not what goes in, but what comes out of your heart that defiles. Your heart defines you.
Jeremiah 32:39 one heart to worship
Jesus defines us by grace. For fellowship. What makes you want to be part of God's community?

Next Sunday: The Practical Atheist.
The grace of Jesus sets us free.

We plan to report to you from Marco Island Florida.

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