Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kenya Africa John

CBMC luncheon meeting:
Speaker John the missionary.
42 tribes in Kenya were always fighting so God impressed on him the need to teach forgiveness. People were healed. Sight. Pastor Mary the Lady with AIDS was dying. She was a powerful preacher. She was healed.

Forgive the enemy that killed relatives. Shortly after that they were attacked at their house. When he was beaten he prayed: Jesus help me! When the pain went up he heard the still small voice and the pain went away.

When did we decide to forgive? Didn't know what to say. 16 years before after 27 years my wife said I'm leaving. That was his bottom. He prayed for healing and a heart of compassion. Needed to learn to forgive his dad. For beating him and his mom. Needed to forgive his betrayers. Kept praying for forgiveness. Now he learned to be kind. His wife learned to love him again.

He forgave 16 years before the attack. He was partly scalped and had lots of broken bones. Then they went and attacked his wife and raped and beat her for 45 minutes. She spoke the name of Jesus. She was warm. When she finally got out she lifted him into the car. Matthew 5 Scriptures came out of him while he was unconscious.

4.5 hours later Louise was operated on. When he recovered consciousness 4 days later he praised God.

Know the call of God on your life. Still goes back to Kenya every year and builds schools and orchards every year.

Answer the call of God on your life. Now.

Make your decision today. Ask the Lord to forgive your sins.

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