Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Chosen One
Exodus 4
The first born son was the intimate person for a father. More important one.
Precious intimate one.
First borns God/Israel Pharaoh/son Moses/Gersham
5 excuses of Moses
I'm nobody
I'm no theologian
They won't believe
I don't talk good
I don't want to
God says what's in your hand?
Throw your staff on the ground. Pick up the snake by the tail. The cobra was the symbol of Egypt's power. We have the cobra by the tail. We have far more power than Egypt.
3rd sign. Water from the Nile river will turn into blood the first plague.
V10 I don't speak well never have. Stephen says Moses was powerful in speech. God says I will be with your mouth. You know I am the creator. Moses says send someone else. God says I'll send your brother as emotional support. Relational dynamics. God.
Moses goes back to his family and asks his father in law and gets his blessing. He takes his sons and his wife and God's staff.
God says I will harden Pharaoh's heart. Next Sunday.
V24 at a lodging place God tried to kill Moses but Zipporah cut off her son's foreskin and threw it at Moses.
Obedience is a big deal. Circumcision is a sign God gave Abraham. Moses had ignored that command till now. He might have been a doubter. Moses is an excuse making machine. He ignored that little thing. His ego was in the way. God had to find someone else.  Gersham was a young adult. This created a major mother son problem. She called Moses her bridegroom of blood. She had saved Moses's life.  She was another strong woman. She then took her sons back home.
What is in your hand?
What are you leaving undone? Are you trying to keep some things private? Do you have a Zipporah in your life? She's always right.
Who do you need to help you?
Embrace your help.
Circumcision. What's the deal. Symbolic. God wants to take the most sensitive part of your heart and get rid of anything that gets between you and your God.
Have the courage to let God to circumcise your heart.
Give us the courage to cling to you God.

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