Sunday, September 13, 2015

Essentials by design

I want to live like there's no tomorrow - is that a Christian view? Song sung at
This church started 25 years ago this month.
Our downtown campus is having a baptism.

Pastor Delbert
The plight of humanity is in front of us. Refugees are seared into our memory.
Napalm bombing and the death of a 3 year old boy pictures evoke feelings. What are they?
Orphans are hurting. If you take care of one child things will get better for many. Make it better is my first response. Take care of one is the most important. Can we see a bigger picture.
We need to adopt 2 families from Syria. A Christian family is waiting to be sponsored.
God cares profoundly about what happens.
The next 11 weeks we will look at His Story and reflect on His heartbeat.
This is not about vision. Stop reflect what is God's heartbeat? How do I respond?
Write out what you think His Story is?
To bring glory to the Father.
Can I see myself in God's story? Isaiah 43:7 we have been created for God's glory.  He invites me into His Story.
Sociology says if we believe in something we will act on it. Culture.
3 elements. Values. Narrative (the story you are convinced about). Behavior (the response you are convicted about).
When you see the picture of the earth what comes to mind? Home. Creation. The speck in the universe where we live.
What do we see? Sickness? Who's perspective is this picture from? God's perspective. He is a holy God. While he created this world the angels rejoiced to see what he was doing. Some angels followed the Dragon and rebelled against God. Sin is rebellion against God.
What is God saying to you?
You will hear others with different stories. Blame others. Shame and guilt becomes part of us when we rebel against God.
Everything God created was for our pleasure if we bring glory to Him. That brings pleasure to Him.

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