Sunday, February 11, 2018

Worthless Riches James 5:1-6

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How much money do you need to be wealthy? 
A million. Nothing. It's relative. Enough food and shelter. What matters is that you think about it all the time. Said a wealth planner. 
Most of us don't say I want to be rich. 
Pay attention to this if you're rich. Cry and moan about the misery that is coming to you. Your riches have decayed, and your clothes have been eaten by moths. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be used as evidence against you. Like fire, it will destroy your body. You have stored up riches in these last days. The wages you refused to pay the people who harvested your fields shout ⌊to God⌋ against you. The Lord of Armies has heard the cries of those who gather the crops. You have lived in luxury and pleasure here on earth. You have fattened yourselves for the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered people who have God's approval, even though they didn't resist you.
James 5:1‭-‬6 GW

40-60 years after Jesus died the church had issues with financials. 
People were not paid properly.

James spent many hours in prayer. He had camel knees. 

Left home at 15 to go to university and got his inheritance of $100 before he came to Canada. Pray for what you need. Had nothing to pay for tuition. An anonymous donor sent a cheque for tuition.

He tithed and at the end of the year he had $200.

Being rich is not sinful. Selfishness is. 

How did you get it? Fraud? Holding back wages? Pay daily. 

FLN job to raise millions. Pray for the people that owe you money and give more. 

Give a word of encouragement. The rich were suing the poor who had nothing. I want to be in control. We have rights and we chase them. 

Storing wealth at the expense of others is wrong. Share. You won't take it with you. 
Not sharing is worse than being an unbeliever.

Be satisfied and stay where you live. Don't hoard on these last days. 
Make the best use of your time. 

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