Sunday, August 21, 2022

EasTview mission day

Team going to Thailand to see the work that we are doing with Dave and Louise. Being a witness and being present with them and the believers in Thailand and Burma. 
Johnny Beatrice Rick Julie....

Pastor John Neufeld
Need volunteers to help with movie night and also with helping the refugee family. Need life group leaders. No need to be passive. 

Dave Sinclair-Peters
Great to be here today. Thankful. We are both from Manitoba. Happy to be here in summer. 
This is so different from the worship spaces in SE Asia. 
"I make disciples who make disciples." Can you say that? When people do that, they grow in faith. Clusters of churches are getting together to form the Mennonite Brethren conference. We share resources with other churches. 
MBs are spread around the world making disciples who make disciples. 
Our kids are in Toronto. We have our first grandchild coming. Exciting. 
We recently went back to the country we worked in. After 2 years we have 12 churches. Tripled in size in 2 years. 
One pastor couple moved into a hostile village and kept loving them. In time they were able to share Jesus with them. Now they have a small group meeting in their house. 

I'm excited to be part of MB and Anabaptist group. 
If you didn't grow up in that ethnicity you are welcome at EasTview. 

We don't talk about the ethnic stuff to the believers in Thailand. 

A pastor is in jail because he's a Christian. What do we do? Jesus said do not resist an evil doer. I want to push back on Micro aggressors. How do we respond? Roll over? Jesus makes it incredibly difficult. The earliest Anabaptists were persecuted for adult baptism. Authorities started to round up the leaders and baptize them again by throwing them in the river to die. They chained up the women and eventually started killing them because they kept sharing Jesus. They didn't resist the evil doers. They were completely free to love the people who hated them. 
They were radical disciples of Jesus. Not passive. 
Love your enemies in a way that will blow your minds. You are a new creation. No need to fight back. 
We gladly give them love instead of hate. 
We lay hands on leaders. Jane became a Jesus follower. One day she woke up with extreme incapacitated pain. One day she prayed for healing and worshipped and praised God. 
In the morning she had no pain. She got up and walked. Every week they now go out to tell others of what Jesus has done. She has family anger to deal with.
Pray for boldness to love people and an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. 

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