Saturday, October 01, 2005

Counts are up again!!!!!

ANC was 0.3 this morning - 0.5 means Renee gets out of prison.

I shopped for a webcam but they are almost impossible to find for mac os x

I found one that was supposed to work but it did not seem to light up at all with the PowerBook. The wireless mouse I bought works fine on the mac.

I made chicken noodle soup and we enjoyed it together. For supper we ordered what the hospital served. I got some kind of delicious steak.

Renee did a bunch more work on the Vidir website. Click here to see it.

Martha and Karalee went to grandma grandpa for Thanksgiving supper today. Mom & Dad are going to Ottawa for Canadian thanksgiving. Tomorrow Martha wants to visit with her Mom.

I want to bake some bran muffins but I can't find bran so I bought Raisin Bran. I'll figure out how to make them somehow.

I tried to get a lady that sells jewelry to sell some of Renee's enlargements at her booth. But she sold nothing all day anyway so she didn't sell the pictures. Martha is bringing 100 enlargements from Winnipeg. We'll get to do all sorts of selling. At $20 ea for 11x17 with 16x24 frame is quite a bargain!

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