Saturday, October 15, 2005

to transplant or not to transplant

To transplant or not to transplant, that is the question.

We went to the hospital yesterday expecting that Renee would have a bone marrow aspirate done, but then because they still do not know if they want to go ahead with the transplant it was cancelled. She needed more red cells however, so that was done. That could have been done in Winnipeg and we could have beenhome for the weekend, but how were we supposed to know?

We had a good Thanksgiving holiday -
- Enjoyed the worship service at our church
- We had a good day at my mom's on Sunday
- We had a wonderful meal together as a family on Monday
- Renee got to see a lot of friends
- We managed to get the platelets that Renee needed
- We had beautiful weather in Manitoba. It had been raining here in NYC the whole time we were gone.
- Our flights back to NYC went good. The seats that we were assigned to on the flight from Winnipeg to Toronto were on opposite sides of the aisle but the guy that was in the window seat on one side was willing to give up his seat and take my middle seat on the other side. The guy that had the aisle seat found a different seat. I'm not sure where, because he was not willing to give up his aisle seat and there was only middle seats left. We were happy to have the extra seat, because Renee can't sleep sitting up and this gave her room to stretch out a bit.

- Today it was not raining, so we walked around and stopped at some shops along the way. So that is where it is at. We still don't know. If they decide not to do a transplant it would mean more chemo.

Thanks for praying.

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