Monday, December 19, 2005

ANC is up

Renee had a bone marrow aspirate today. Still not much bone marrow. What there is looks fine. Her ANC was 3.1, WBC 3.9. Platelets were at 10 and she got more. Platelets need to be at 50 before she can fly. Her next appointment is Thursday. If she gets another platelet transfusion at that point, she should be good to fly. Dr Steinherz is not keen to let her fly. Unless he can be sure that she'll get another transfusion when she gets to Winnipeg, he doesn't want to let her go.

The nurse at Cancer Care Manitoba had assured Martha that it only takes one phone call, not a fax, from Dr Steinhertz to the Winnipeg doctor to get the care she needs here.

So we wait till Thursday.

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  1. Neutrophils are white platelets that are significant in battling contamination. ANC represents the total neutrophil check, and neutrophil tallies might be lower than typical for any number of reasons, including the two maladies and medicines.